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Our values

Our aim is to create a real partnership with our clients and candidates, in order to build up a relationship based on trust.

We respect the rules of conduct of our profession.

Corhom BTP's code of ethics in recruitment  :

  1. To undertake the missions that are assigned to us within the respect of the fundamental rights of the individual, in particular concerning individual freedom and with no discrimination of any kind.
  2. To respect the right of retention and strict confidentiality concerning all information that is given to us within the context of each mission.
  3. We promise to deliver on time and to use all possible means to guarantee the success of each recruitment mission.
  4. To provide a comprehensive report to our client concerning the development of each mission , in particular concerning the job applications received.
  5. To keep candidates informed during the different phases of the recruitment process and any changes occurring.
  6. To observe the greatest level of discretion  to all candidates, by never communicating their situation to their present employer
  7. Not to contact our clients' employees to give them job offers, except if the afore mentioned employees  contact us of their own free will ( CV and covering letter) in answer to a job advertisement or if they are trying to change jobs, by spontaneously contacting the Corhom BTP agency.



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